Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The one with some of the great stuff from the Texas antique show

Happy October! I have more of the wonderful dolls from the artist I wrote about here. Whew! that was a very long post and I apologize.
Love this painting, $85

The witch attached to this is already sold!
Hagitha is SOLD
So is witchy poo.
 Three left of these cow skulls that were sitting in a field forever...$38 each
I LOVE these vintage carnival punks! $49 each and you can throw all the balls you like at them.
Fossils SOLD, petrified wood, and antlers, natures gift.
I've a pair of lovely old ratty black squirrels for your home. $49 for the pair!
Nature makes the most beautiful designs, as on these turtle shells...
Awesome candelabras! SOLD
The first person who can tell me what this is (besides a bug) wins a $20 gift certificate. I want details! Update - Susan knew it was a Creepy Crawler mold from the 60's/70's to make rubbery bugs. She's the winner!
I have 6 of these wonderful sunday school prayer chairs with the cutest 3 leaf clover design. $65 each

Yup, it's a 2 sided bookcase from a hardware store 17 x 82" wide x 77" tall. Wonderful room divider! $995 SOLD
Some sort of old scientific apparatus. $84
A pair of fabulous antique metal brackets with an acorn and oak leaf motif and chippy paint - $225 for the pair
It amazes me how fancy they used to make basic tools, antique cast iron pulley $250
Rusty old sap buckets $5 each
An antique gurney, Kate says she would hope to be dead if she was on it, but I'll just use it as a great display table, finish is perfect - $775
I picked up a few industrial carts, this one has a great old red color, needs a washing, I love the simple rusty stool too...$175 and $65
Everybody asks for these all of the time so here you are, tall, skinny cabinets for small spaces, 14 and 14.5" wide. Wonderful patina, $175 - one left (the one on the left)
One of 3 carts from the Levi Strauss factory, RED IS SOLD I also have an orange and a blue...$225 each
There is much more, I hate to tell you a good amount sold before I could get this post up, some of it sold while still on the truck! More pics to come when I find table tops for my table bases, make coat racks out of old parts, etc. Thanks for looking!

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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I see lots of great Texas goodies here! Hope your sales are soaring! ~Mindy